Why did we start Guiltless Ganja?

My wife and I have always worked hard and played hard, enjoying time with our friends and family while giving everything we have to our respective jobs. I’ve personally spent over 35 years working in the construction and landscaping industries, starting my own landscaping company, Jordan Landscaping, when I was just 26. That’s 35 years of hard labor and long hours, which I can assure you, did no favors to my body. My wife has worked a majority of her professional life in office settings, spending many hours at a desk in an often times uncomfortable chair. As many of you know, the toll that can take on your shoulders, neck, and back can be crippling. As we’ve gotten older and our aches and pains started to grow more frequent and more severe, we began looking for some relief. Neither my wife nor I are fond of prescription medications, so we started researching natural remedies that could potentially help. That is when we found CBD.

When we stumbled upon CBD, we were unsure of how much it would actually help and what the potential side effects would be. To our surprise, not only was CBD extremely helpful, it did not have any noticeable side effects that normal over-the-counter (OTC) medicines often do. Once we found out that CBD worked, the real “fun” began trying to find a brand that we liked. While there is no lack of CBD brands out there to try, we found that many of them were either targeting senior citizens or young 20-something fitness types. There was really no brand out there with a product line that was made for us – that hard-working 40+ year old who still has a lot of gas in the tank but is also starting to feel those bumps and bruises a little more.

After a lot of trial and error, followed by many back-and-forth discussions, we decided we were going to develop our own CBD brand, which is where we are today – launching Guiltless Ganja. Guiltless Ganja is a CBD brand for the working class that doesn’t slow down when their work is done. Our goal is to deliver our customers the highest quality CBD products in America and create a strong, lasting relationship that they can count on. We understand that buying CBD is an investment, not just in the CBD itself but in your health and your future. Guiltless Ganja is here to make sure you get the most value out of our products and deliver the support you deserve.

We are already thrilled about our early success in our local Arizona markets, but we are even more excited to grow our brand nationwide. The Guiltless Ganja online store is live and taking orders now, delivering guilt-free hemp CBD products right to your door.

We love to hear your stories and share in your experiences, so please feel free to email us or share with us on social media. We look forward to hearing from you all!


Dan & Holly Jordan