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Can CBD Actually Help Everyday Aches and Pains?

If you’re like the many millions of working class individuals, then you experience a variety of joint or muscle pain after a long day at work. Having worked in the landscaping industry most of my life, and my wife being an avid sports enthusiast, I know I can include ourselves in this category. The pain I experience is typically in my knee joints and feet which are critical for me to do my job. My wife experiences back soreness along with hip joint pain. Not being fans of prescription medicines, we explored the CBD market.  We first wanted to find out what was causing our pain and secondly, what options were available to help resolve the pain, short of constantly taking personality changing narcotics. We’re middle aged active adults that don’t want to give up our daily routines due to pain. We discovered the most common caused pain in people like us is arthritis. Our joints have been put to the test with all our years of work and play, that they begin to feel the abuse we’ve put them through. With all that being said, we have decided to educate ourselves on the common causes of this pain and how we could safely remedy it.

So what are the most common types of arthritis?

Studies have shown that osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common causes of joint pain.

Osteoarthritis is the most common of the two arthritis’s. This is a type of arthritis my wife has experienced most of her adult life. The determined cause for her OA was related to a sports injury. She was a competitive long distance runner that caused excessive “wear and tear” to the joints from and in turn the cartilage between the joint deteriorated. This cartilage, “padding” between the joint acts like a shock absorber, so when the cartilage deteriorates the body experiences pain caused by bone on bone friction and ultimately the bones start eroding in the joint.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (commonly known as RA) is the second most popular of the two. Unlike Osteoarthritis, RA causes visible damage such as deformities to the joints. This occurs typically when in the more advanced stage. RA is more commonly found to affect the hands, wrists, knees and balls of feet. The typical beginning symptoms are pain and stiff joints that is caused by swelling of the joint lining which is called synovium. When this is the case, you will experience loss of range of motion in the joints.

Why We Chose CBD To Relieve The Aches & Pains

While you can opt to use medically prescribed medicines, we have found that using CBD oil along with a CBD topical, has made a huge impact in the discomfort we would experience after my wife’s daily gym workout and for me, after a long day of my construction work. The idea of not experiencing an altered state of mind and nausea after taking the CBD was the deciding factor for us. We can use CBD any time of day and feel confident we’ll be able to perform at our best. This solution has made a huge impact in our everyday lives. We’re both living happy healthy lives without the guilt and aftereffects we would feel when taking prescription medicine. Not to mention there are so many forms of CBD to choose from that can cater to whatever the activity is that day. We are looking forward to finding more uses for this “Miracle Product”


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